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Poultry feed production is majorly derived from maize which constitutes a major staple food for the population. As an alternative to the use of maize(food) as primary source for poultry feed production NARICT has developed the use of Agricultural waste especially the use of mango seed kernel for the production of poultry feeds. The target market is all poultry farmers,cattle farmers and mice/rabbit breeders
The success of livestock farming is largely dependent on the continuous supply of good quality nutritious feeds at competitive price. Feed alone constitutes about 60-70 per cent of total cost of livestock production. Therefore, it requires more attention even though other factors are also important for remunerative returns from livestock enterprises.
Presently all the poultry feed in Nigeria are made primarily from maize and other concentrates, but NARICT replaces certain percentage of the maize in poultry feed with mango seed kernel. The target market is all poultry farmers, cattle farmers, mice/rat breeders and other livestock farmers, since they are the sectors that utilize the product the most.
Supplementation of mango seed in the formulation of poultry feed will lower the cost of poultry feed compared to the present prevailing market price. This is because the major raw material in the production of poultry feed is maize, which may be replaced to certain extent with mango seed kernel (MSK), and soya beans, which may similarly be replaced with maggots from green bottle fly, blue bottle fly, black soldier fly and tallow residues. These agro-waste and other nonconventional recipes are cheap and readily available. They have little or no competition compared to maize and other recipes that are being competed for by many other users including industrial and local consumption.
NARICT has developed a technology to breed maggots in this facility, extract protein from these maggots and fortify poultry feeds with it for the nation's poultry