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Nigeria is a nation of ardent football fans, the round leather has assumed prominence in our lives, youth would be noticed playing in most street corners, in fact the nation has produced international players of high repute in the international arena.
But unfortunately, most footballs are imported into the country, therefore to conserve foreign exchange, towards strengthening our economy, the institute commissioned R & D which aimed at domesticating FIFA grade football production technology. It also aims at transferring entrepreneurial skills to individuals so that they can produce at cottage, small as well as at medium scale levels Our main products are all sport products such as: Basketball, soccer-ball, volleyball, Hand ball, etc. All our products are in good condition and our strength is good quality and lower price. We have Quality Control (QC) to inspect all our products and issue the official inspection report to customers.

NARICT Football

Ball & Bladder Technology


The Institute as part of its strategic effort in improving local production of balls to conserve foreign exchange, commissioned research into the production of basketball. The result is resounding, as we are now able to produce quality basketballs. We are partnering with relevant stakeholders to consolidate on the gains of the technology.

Our services

  • Origina Ecuicment Manufacturer (OEM) Service: We have our own factory, so you will enjoy the best price and competitive price.
  • More styles and various colors for your choice, we have designer team.
  • Your artworks and designs are welcome, we manufacture to specification.
  • We can append Logo on products and souvenirs

    Volleyball Technology

    Football Technology


  • The Raw Materials needed could be sourced locally.

    To contribute to the country's Economic development through:
  • Wealth Creation
  • Employment generation
  • Poverty Alleviation
  • Foreign exchange

  • To make ball production technology available in the country;
  • To train Nigerians in the art of ball making, equipping them with skills with which to overcome poverty
  • To make Nigeria, not only a ball producing nation but also a ball exporting country as well.

  • Acquisition of the technology;
  • Training of Nigerians across the country irrespective of gender and age;
  • Encouraging the establishment of cottage, small as well as medium scale football producing enterprises.

    There is a very high demand for quality footballs in Nigeria, especially among the youths, the nation's most active group.


    The export potentials of quality to ECOWAS countries is very high.


    The advertising arrangements include the use of radio and television, handbills, displays at trade shows, leagues and championships.


    Funds needed for initial take-off can be obtained from community banks, states and local governments, poverty alleviation and skill acquisition agencies, N.G.Os, etc.