Petrochemicals and Allied Department


Petrochemicals and Allied Department is made of Petrochemicals, Polymer and Textiles Divisions. The Department is focused on provision of innovative and cutting edge applied research in converting indigenous raw materials into petrochemicals and fine chemicals. The purpose is to develop local capacity in catalysis, process and equipment designs, process intensification, optimization and trouble shooting in the field of petrochemicals, polymer and textiles. To achieve these objectives, the Department has set of qualified and competent researchers and technologists driving the research activities.

The Department can boast of several researchers with doctorate degrees in specialized fields such as catalysis, fluid dynamics, renewable energy, polymer and composite technology. The research activities are backed-up by state of the art equipment such as x-ray diffractometer, scanning electron microscopy, fixed bed reactor, gas chromatography, polymer flow indexer, flash point analyzer, kinematic viscosity analyzer, cloud and pour point analyzer, light fastness tester, washing fastness tester, and many others.

One of the promising and innovative researches presently undertaken by the Institute is the design and development of a pilot plant for production of methanol and urea from municipal solid waste and coal. The objectives of this project is to develop the technical know-how in the design and construction of a pilot plant for the conversion and utilization of synthesis gas derived from coal and municipal waste into urea for fertilizer and liquid fuels.